The Intentional Interim Ministry Team Invites You to a Congregational Workshop on Behavioural Covenants
Sunday, March 15th

“When we feel vulnerable, we make everything that’s uncertain certain. Religion has gone from a belief in faith and mystery to a belief in certainty. I’m right, you’re wrong. Shut up. That’s it. Just certain. The more afraid we are — the more vulnerable we are — the more afraid we are —. This is what politics looks like today. There is no discourse anymore. There is no conversation. There’s just blame.”
—Brené Brown

“Do not be conformed to this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your minds, so that you may discern what is the will of God—what is good and acceptable and perfect.”—St. Paul

Living in Christian Community is all about relationships. In times of change and transition, our relationships are often tested. We don’t always understand each other, we don’t always share the same understanding of the situation we’re in, let alone agree on it or on what’s to be done. Tensions arise. Tension, as Martin Luther King recently reminded us, can be either destructive or creative.

Establishing Behavioural Covenants is one way to help ensure that tension takes creative turns.

From time to time, and arguably in our day with greater frequency, congregations are faced with a question: “How will we behave (how will we live together?) when we don’t understand each other and when we don’t agree?”

Gilbert Rendle offers this answer: It is at this point that we need to depend upon a framework of civil behaviour and holy manners to get us through. One way of finding faithful civility is by developing and following a behavioural covenant.

A covenant is not a set of rules. Rather than rules covenant is about promises. When a ‘rule’ is broken we seek compensation. When a covenant ‘promise’ is broken we seek understanding and recommitment.

Because it is behavioural, we’re seeking to identify and negotiate changes in behaviour. We’re not seeking to change personalities or values.

Intrigued? Learn more about Behavioural Covenants, with Rev. Pix Butt, following worship and a light lunch on Sunday, March 15.


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