Dear Friends,

This coming Sunday, April 26th, I would like to invite you to come to Trinity- St. Stephen’s to see and hear the Trinity Youth Singers present “Rescue in the Night” – a musical telling the story of the Old Testament character Daniel as he goes up against King Darius and ends up being thrown in a den of lions.

This story has the makings of a good TV drama: Daniel, the guy who always seems to do and say the right thing (like the younger brother who always got you in trouble!) a narcissistic, flamboyant King Darius, three wisecracking Advisors to the King, four Heralds who can’t resist a constant commentary on the immediate problems at hand, and a bunch of mangy lions. Of course, there is also the ever-present Chorus of people who tell the story.

Spoiler alert – this is a story for all ages. Kids won’t be traumatized by any acts of violence, as all ends well for Daniel! And by the way, no lions were harmed in any way during the production of this musical!

The Trinity Youth Singers have been working hard on the musical since January and again this year, back by popular demand, is Stage Director, Nancy Letcher who has been working with the kids to help bring this musical to life.

So this Sunday, April 26th at 10: 30 am, invite your friends, bring your neighbours, call grandparents and come to Trinity-St. Stephen’s to be part of the “Rescue in the Night.”

Hope to see you there.

Jeff Joudrey
Director of Music, Trinity – St. Stephen’s United Church, Amherst, NS


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